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A Digital Image is a image where all the content is created by software.

Motocross Grunge Style

Phone World

Software: Photoshop CC

Tutorial:  Image Inside Text with a Twist from How to Create BADA$$ Effects in Photoshop

This image shows how a reasonable, but not great image can be turned into something rather effective. In this case the final image could be easily a basis for a motocross event poster. Using layer styles, brushes and layer masks the blue splatter behind the main image is quickly created.


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Mobile Phone World

Phone World

Software: Photoshop CC

Tutorial:  3D Mobile Effect – Tutorials Junction

When I saw this tutorial the first thing that popped in my mind is “Alice in Wonderland” meets the mobile digital world. I liked how I was able to merge the images together despite a major differences in tone of the images.

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Transparent Shirt effect

Torn Paper Portrait

Software: Photoshop CC

Tutorial:  See Through Clothes Effect – Tutorials Junction

This image is a bit misleading – to get this image done the main transparent cloth effect is rather easy to do, but the little touches that makes it really works took about half of the production time. As it can be guessed making and blending modes does most of the heavy lifting. It is colour curves and displacement layers that make the final image work.

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Strive To Be Your Best – Text and Image

Strive To Be Your Best - Text and Image

Software: Photoshop CC

Tutorial:  Image Inside Text with a Twist from How to Create BADA$$ Effects in Photoshop

I saw this Book for sale for 40% off – How could I resist?

I found this image quick and easy to do – but there a few tips in the tutorial I would have missed if I had tried to do this image without the tutorial. So it was educational.


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Heads up display eye effect


Software: Adobe Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC

Tutorial:  PHLearn Photoshop Channel –

The advantage of this graphic effect is two fold. Thanks to the Iron Man / Avengers movies the effect the seems futuristic, secondly the effect is easy (and quick) to do. I originally wanted to use a photo of Robert Downey Jr. / Tony Stark, but I realized that people would feel I had just grabbed an image off the Marvel website. So instead I used an image from the battlefield game.


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Burnt logo

Woodgrain texture for retro-revival and maybe for wild-west

Logo “burnt” into wood

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks for Designers Volume II

I saw this lesson on creating a similar image, but with a Jack Daniels logo. I decided that I had to create a version using the Hudson Bay logo for a number of reasons: 1) it is Canadian, 2) They did brand boxes with the logo, 3) I see a Hudson Bay shop selling their old style branded products almost every day and this is the type of stuff they would have in their store.

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Compass Rose


Software: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

Tutorial: Spoon Graphics Blog

Most of my images I create for this blog are Photoshop images. There are two reasons for this:

1) I have done more work in Photoshop, therefore I am more comfortable in Photoshop (not that I am uncomfortable in Illustrator) so I tend to look upon experimantial Photoshop images with greater confidence.

2) There are more Photoshop tutorials on the internet and in books.

Therefore, I decided to do this image in Adobe Illustrator, if for nothing else, get out of the normal. It also helps that I have a thing for maps.

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