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Old Air Show Poster

Ring Planet

Software: Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC

Tutorial: Design a Gritty Vintage Airshow Poster/ – Design Cuts

This image shows off the power of a vector (Illustrator) / bit map (Photoshop) software tag team in the creation of an image. The actual images (the map, the aircraft shape and text were all created in Illustrator and the weathering of the images was done in Photoshop.



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80s Style

Phone World

Software: Photoshop CC

Tutorial:  Spoon Graphics

Everything old is new again… not an original thought, but it seems to be a true one. Just look at the title graphics in the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie. The thing I find interesting is that a lot of the 80’s graphic style came from the development of computers in the graphics field. 80’s computers were limited in the number of colour they could produce (early paint programs were limited to 256 colours, 64 colours, 16 colours or even 32 shades of grey!). 80’s computers were also limited by their speed (or more accurate their lack of speed). They could only manipulate only a few graphic items before the computer slowed down (or crashed). This lack colours and design elements lead to graphics that were bold and bright and lacked subtle shades.

I find this semi-funny. We now have very powerful computers, by we seem to be creating graphics that pay homage to less powerful computers. I guess nostalga is more powerful than even the most powerful computer, or that the we just want to celebrate the fact despite the lack of power of 80’s computers the 80’s graphic style was pretty awesome!

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Baseball Card – Colourization

Baseball Card - Retro Images

Software: Photoshop CC

Tutorial:  Vintage Baseball Card in Photoshop – WebpageFX

This image had a lot of cool things: colourize the image of Joe DiMaggio, use of layer styles and blending modes to make the image of Joe and Yankee Stadium seem more like an illustration, use of layer styles to “age” the final card design.

The coolest part was the colourization of the image of Joe DiMaggio. It was a bit of a surprise to me when I realized that I had rarely done a colourization of black and white images. I had done lots of changing the colour of an item in a colour photo.

Finally this image was fun to create.

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