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Motocross Grunge Style

Phone World

Software: Photoshop CC

Tutorial:  Image Inside Text with a Twist from How to Create BADA$$ Effects in Photoshop

This image shows how a reasonable, but not great image can be turned into something rather effective. In this case the final image could be easily a basis for a motocross event poster. Using layer styles, brushes and layer masks the blue splatter behind the main image is quickly created.


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Tattoo stye bird


Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

Tutorial: Spoon Graphics Blog

Once again, I have chosen an image that was created in Adobe Illustrator, even though my natural instinct would be to create the outline in Illustrator and do the texture in Photoshop. One of the most interesting parts of the image is the texture is masked to the bird shape. Masking in Photoshop is second nature to me, but until this tutorial I had never done it in Illustrator. In fact, although I knew it was possible to do masking in Illustrator, I was not 100% sure how to do it. I guess that is there important part of a tutorial, learning new techniques.

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Software: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

Tutorial: Spoon Graphics Blog

Some graphics are dramatic, this image is not dramatic but it is noticeable in it’s technical elegance. To create this image I created rope style brush that could be applied to a line. Then through some cutting of lines and arranging lines to the front or back, I was able to make it appear that the line has been turned into a slip knot. Most of this work was done in Illustrator, with the colouring done in Photoshop.  Not dramatic technique, but certainly effective.


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Sparkel Trails


Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks CS4

I think everyone likes likes the concept of magic and magic wands. In almost every depiction of magic wands in action they have a trail of light (see the fairy god-mother scene in Disney’s Cinderella or any Harry Potter movie). Read the rest of this entry »

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Football Players

football-player01 football-player02

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks

This tutorial once again shows the flexibility of Photoshop. First in the flexibility of brushes and layer masks in creating an image, but more importantly the flexibility of trying out different ideas.

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Posted by on February 17, 2013 in Digital Image, Sport Image


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