About Digital Reality


Welcome to Digital Reality – a gallery of my design work.

This website is the result of my desire to have only customer’s work on my portfolio website – I like my potential clients to see the type of work that they can expect from me, based on past work I have done for other clients. I feel this keeps my portfolio honest and shows how my work has helped to solve client’s problems. The down side is that commercial work is often limited by various considerations such as time, budget, graphic resources and corporate culture. I often feel my portfolio shows what I have done for clients, but not what I could do for my clients.

To keep my design skills fresh, I am often going through various graphic tutorials offered in books, magazines, newsletters and on websites in order to create the graphic images they show. This site will feature the images I have created as a result of these tutorials and exercises. I have enjoyed creating these images, and now I have a place to show them off.

I hope you enjoy these images and I welcome your comments and suggestions.



One response to “About Digital Reality

  1. Travis Reese

    March 21, 2018 at 11:08 pm

    Hi David,

    Would you be interested in altering your airshow poster to fit our upcoming Fly-in event? Love your work!

    Travis Reese


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