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Play Ball – Baseball style text image


Software: Photoshop 5.1

It is winter now, but it is never to early to think about baseball!

The image of the grass is real, the rest, including the stitching on the text was created in Photoshop. I can see myself going back to this image and adding a bat or glove.

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Layer Style Textures – grime and rust


Software: Photoshop 5.1

I have to admit I am impressed with the power of Layer Styles in Photoshop.  In this image  there is a background of a new textured metal plate and some text. Using Photoshop layer styles I was create the impression that metal plate and text have suffered some abuse and possibly water damage. In this way I have been able to create a history for this image, which is kind of cool.

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Ravenfall – metalic text


Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

The “Ravenfall” image is a study in adding a metallic look to text and textures on the background.

I believe that this image was influenced by reading “The Game of Thrones” over Christmas break.

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