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Retro Camera – Affinity Designer

Software: Affinity Designer

Tutorial: How to Create a Vintage Camera in Adobe Illustrator – Envato Tuts

Once again I have turned an Adobe Illustrator tutorial into an Affinity Designer tutorial (I am getting rather good at this). I was interested in this image because it used rather simple shapes, but by using different hues and shades a very effective image can be created. The image is inspired by the Leica M6. My current camera is call my phone….

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Kitchen – Affinity Designers

Software: Affinity Designer

Tutorial: How to Design a Set of Retro Kitchen Items in Affinity Designer – Envato Tuts

This image mixes two graphic styles (maybe three) – Retro (in this case Art Deco) and Flat Art.  All three objects (mixer, blender and toaster) definitly in the flat art style. I find the mixer and toaster very much in Art Deco, maybe the blender not quite as much. The third art style is icon – I can see the background removed and the three objects separated and they could be used as icons.

One of the cool things is that this tutorial is for Affinity Designer – this is rather uncommon and a cool thing (and something important for the adaptation of Affinity Designer).

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Coffee Break – Affinity Designer

Software: Affinity Designer

Tutorial:How to Create a Coffee Scene Illustration in Adobe Illustrator – Envato Tuts

Another flat art image?… Yes.

Another Lighthouse?  Nope. Good!

Glad to get off the lighthouse artwork scene (well not really), but I did stay in the Flat Art style. It is a good style to develop my Affinity Designer skills. But once again the tutorial was based on Adobe Illustrator, so it helped me work on my Adobe Illustrator to Designer translation skills.

P.S. it is hot outside today, so I might skip the coffee, but I will take the cookie (never say no to a cookie).



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Affinity Designer – Lighthouse 2


Software: Affinity Designer

Tutorial: How to Create a Lighthouse in Adobe Illustrator – Envato Tuts

Another flat art image? Another Lighthouse? Well…. yes. I found this tutorial and it gave me another image to create in Affinity Designer. Compared to the other lighthouse image this image is more detailed and it gave me some more experience using the advanced tools in Affinity Designer. Once again this tutorial that uses instructions for Adobe Illustrator, so I had to translate the instructions into Affinity Designer. This Illuistrator to Affinity Designer translation went very well indeed.

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Postal Box – Flat Art Icon

Ring Planet

Software: Affinity Designer

Tutorial: How to Create a Post Box Illustration in Adobe Illustrator – Design Cuts

Another flat art image? Why? Simple, the image was easy to create and it gave me some experience in creating an image in Affinity Designer using a tutorial that uses instructions for Adobe Illustrator. So this image is very much an exercise in translation from Illustrator to Designer. For the most part the translation went very smoothly.

Another reason I created this image… well I liked how the image looked. There is a certain light hearted feel to flat art style that is fun.


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Lighthouse Icon

Ring Planet

Software: Affinity Designer

Tutorial: Create a Detailed Lighthouse Flat Icon in Affinity Designer –  Design Cuts

This image is different, not in it’s design, but the software used to create this lighthouse image. In this case the software used is Affinity Designer, which can be viewed as a lower cost version of Adobe Illustrator. The cool thing is Affinity Designer maybe low cost (under $80 CDN), but it is a very polished and effective piece of software. Is it a reasonable replacement for Illustrator.

The design itself is flat art icon, like the ice cream image I created in October, is designed to work in effectively on mobile screens. The basic layout works event at a small size.


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