Art Deco Design

25 Apr


Software: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

Tutorial: Spoon Graphics Blog

This image is inspired from the posters used in the movie The Great Gatsby (2013) starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Since I did not see the movie, I am not sure if the art deco design was used in the movie or just in the marketing.

I did like this tutorial for a few reasons: 1) Both Photoshop and Illustrator were used in the creation of the image. It is important to realize that one program can’t solve all the graphic design requirements. 2) The tutorial basically allowed you do your own design when it came to the “metal” work. 3) The tutorial had a few extra steps in the Illustrator part of the design process that I was not expecting to do, but when it came to the final design, these extra steps made the design work so much better. More importantly, I could realize why I am doing theses steps and how they make the process work. 4) I have seen similar art deco designs in real life. In many art deco (1920 – 1930) buildings in Toronto’s downtown you can see metal work like this (and I am sure I saw similar designs in New York). It is cool to create a similar design to something you have seen in real life.


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