Engraved Images

15 Jul

Warof1812_image1 Warof1812_image2

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: Blue LightingTV YouTube Channel (sot of)

Engraved or etched images are not very common, but before the invention of photography, it was a common method of creating images for printing. Photography quickly replaced due to the fact it was easier, quicker, cheaper and created a more accurate image. Thank you Mr. George Eastman.

I chose to use historical reenactments from the war of 1812 (both the North American and European versions) since engraved images were common in the early 1800’s.

In this tutorial I was attempting to recreate the engraved image look using a modern photo. I did not use the image used provided in the tutorial and I quickly learned this was one of those “every image will have their own settings” type tutorial. This lead to a lot of experimentation, which is cool and fun. The results on the two images are fairly good and they do give the look and feeling of an engraved image.

Only when I compared to results to the old traditional engraved images did I feel the effect was not as good as a true engraved images. Then I did a bit of research into how long it took and what steps were involved in creating a true engraved image. This is one of those cases where the trade off of a bit of quality is worthwhile trade-off when it comes to the savings in time and effort. Below is an example of an engraved image from the 1800’s. As you can see in this image they used a finer screen.




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