3D Anaglyphic Images

10 Jul


Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: Blue LightingTV YouTube Channel

Time to break out the old cyan-red 3D glasses and enjoy some old-school Anaglyphic 3D images. Lets face it, 3D in movies was usually just a gimmick. There are a few cases where 3D does make a movie better (Avatar and Hugo are two cases that come to mind), but mainly they were a way to make fair to poor movies stand out…. and that’s alright.

This is one of those Photoshop effects that does not get big press – the “Real 3D” method made popular by Avatar is all the rage.  The anaglyphic method of 3D images works best on B&W images, or a least images with very muted colours. In full colour images things get weird fast and the 3D effect does not look good. With a bit of planning the changing of a 2D image to 3D is very easy and surprising quick. The Thunderbirds Are Go! images took about 10 to 12 minutes.

P.S. If you want these images to work you need cyan-red anaglyphic glasses – not the real 3D you get from the current movies.



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