Vader Poster

26 Apr

Vader Poster

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: Blue LightingTV YouTube Channel

First off – an apology to Shepard Fairey. Your designs are fantastic and in no way am I comparing Obama with Vader.  This image came about when after seeing a “Make an Obama style poster” video on YouTube, YourTube put up some suggested video and one of them was a Star Wars fan video. The Obama poster and Darth Vader – two iconic images. This image came to me and it quickly became impossible for me not to make this image.

Making this image was easier than I though it would be. The really cool thing was that it used tools I have used before, but in ways I have not used before. I was truly educational.

Side thought – Star Wars came out in 1977 – it is over 35 years old and it is bigger than ever…

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