Ghost in the Shell Poster

10 Apr


Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: BakaArts YouTube Channel

I have to admit, I enjoyed the movie Ghost in the Shell, so it was easy choice to turn my android woman into a movie poster.

I have to admit Photoshop tutorials on YouTube are mixed blessings. First off, they tend to post very cool images. You can see the image being created, so any misunderstanding from poor written instructions are not a problem. Often the creator is nice enough to provide links to the starting artwork.

On the other hand, you learn to use the pause button many times. The instructors have often created this image over and over, so they tend to rush. They also have the settings (ie: brushes, textures and layer style defaults) already set up from the last time they created the image from the last time they created the image. So the lines “use the default settings” often leads to confusion. This leads to a 20 minute video turning into 2 hour Photoshop session, which in the end is a bit frustrating, but I learn a lot and do have a cool image in the end.


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