Event Horizon Poster

28 Mar


Software: Adobe Illustrator CS 5.1 and InDesign CS 5.5

Tutorial:  Digital Arts Guide to Illustration

I like this image for many reasons: it uses Illustrator and InDesign, it is an image that could only reasonably created by a computer, it has a 1970’s retro feel to it (when computers were big-as-a-room things), and it reminds me of school trips to the Ontario Science Centre.

This image was was only possible through the use of Illustrator Scripts. Think of them as Illustrator’s version of actions. The script did colour fills in a random pattern after I selected the colour swatches to be used. If I had done the colour fills by hand it would have taken days. Even with the script it took a long time to run –  enough time for me to make dinner and eat.

The Star Trails image that I created last time seemed perfect for this poster treatment, so I did it. See below.


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