Star trails

23 Mar


Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial:  Rotate Stars effect by Gavin Hoey at

Space the final frontier; these are the Photoshop images of the starship… Ok, Ok where not going down that path.

Photoshop actions are a strange beast, very powerful and an amazing time saver and very often completely useless. Case in point, Adobe has provided an action called rotate stars and guess what it does…. no surprise it rotates stars and it works great. It was a fantastic time saver on the image above. To be honest, I rather like the image; it reminds me of trips to the Ontario Science Centre.

The sad part is that even Adobe admits that other than rotating stars and maybe as a learning tool the action is… well rather useless. Another action I came across was called “Cookie” and if you selected some text and ran the action it made the text look like it was made from chocolate chip cookies! Rather fun and totally useful for a bake sale… but I am not sure where else you would use it.

So I often find actions are a one-trick pony. Fantastic if you want that one trick, not so much if you don’t need it.

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