Pop Out Sports Photo

21 Mar


Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: Various web tutorials

Blame this image on “March Madness”. After seeing some advertisements for the NCAA basketball tournament, I figured I had to do a basketball image.

I know that I said that this was based on a web tutorial, but I have to admit that this is more inspired by the “March Madness” ads and my own past experience with Photoshop. I have done similar images before. I did check two web tutorials on the subject, but only to see if there was some new method due to the advances in Photoshop (there wasn’t).

I often find that I am checking various tutorials not because I don’t know how to create the image, but to see what techniques they used. With some tutorials I learn new techniques. With other tutorials they create the image exactly how I would have done it so it is more practice than learning. A very rarely, I end up learning how NOT to create an image.

In the end this image was more practice than learning, but that is not bad thing. In fact it is a good thing.

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