18 Mar


Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: Various web tutorials

Maybe because the weather is getting better or that I saw a few tutorials on making text out of clouds, but this tutorial was fun and quick to do.

Right off the bat – the balloons and the shadow of the balloons was taken from a screen wallpaper image. In the image the balloon house is in the center of the screen. I felt that all we needed was just a hint of the balloons. To that end I decided only show a few balloons and show the shadow of the balloon/house.

I made the “UP” text and blended the clouds in the sky. It seemed that this would be easy to do, and it was, but ended up doing this about five times until I was happy. Maybe if falls under the “easy to do, but not-so-easy to master” type of skill.

I added the TIFF logo and dates to the poster to make if look legitimate. I may also be hinting that I would love TIFF to do a retrospective on Pixar films (especially their short films). They did a Studio Ghibli retrospective and it was great, so maybe Pixar one might be in the future.


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