Ferrari F1

14 Mar



Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial: Photoshop Elements Master Class

I find the relationship between photography and racing a bit of a Love/Hate relationship. Racing is about speed while photography is all capturing a split second of time and stopping it. Racing is go – Photography is stop. So that is where the “Hate” part comes in. Racing is also about spectacle, the brightly coloured cars, the logos everywhere, the bravado of the drivers all call out “look at me”. This is where Love part of the relation comes in.

In this image I was attempting to get the best of both worlds – to show the spectacle of the car and driver and still show the motion of the car. The technique was is in two steps. First remove all the colour from everything except the body of the car – even the colour was removed from the tires and suspension. The red was boosted a bit to make it stand out even more, but only a bit (Ferrari makes their race cars very bright red for a reason). Secondly all non-colour parts were blurred to enhance the sensation of motion. This the speed of racing is brought back into the picture.

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