Exploding Soccer

11 Mar


Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1

Tutorial:  Fractured image effect by Gavin Hoey at

This is in many ways a similar to the Football players images I posted on Feb 17 – an image of a sports player broken up via photoshop masking. What is it about players going to pieces?

One major difference from the earlier football images is that this technique is definitely image specific in execution. I could not just drop in a new photo and use the masks I created for this image and I would be done. The masking is very specific per image and to be honest, it was a lot of trial and error (there were a lot of errors which was a trial). Mind you the instructions on this tutorial were very straight forward and it stated that this was not a technique that could be rushed. In the end that is a good thing, doing Photoshop well is a skill and one that needs to be practised. Too often it is easy to forget that.

Tip – Gavin Hoey’s video tutorials at are very good and most definitely worth a visit. There are some excellent ideas and they are presented very well.

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