11 Feb


Software: Photoshop SC 5.1

Tutorial: Practical Photoshop Creative Projects

Zombies seem to have taken over popular culture. They are in books (World War Z, Rot & Ruin, Feed… etc), and movies (Dawn of the Dead, Zombieland, Warm Bodies, etc). I expect to see a zombie music category soon (mind you the lyrics would be “brains… brains… brains” over and over again so I really can’t see it catching on).

I have given in to popular culture and created a zombie image. I have to admit, it was rather fun image to do. There was a lot of textures, layers and masks to work with. The textures were very fun, since I don’t think I have ever added textures to skin before. I usually had to remove things from skin (ie: dark circles under eyes, blemishes and rough patches), so this was a bit of a treat. The ripped skin around the mouth and on the forehead were lots of fun.

Mind you, all I could think about when giving the skin the green/grey tone was all the time I have done to make skin tones look normal…. sigh

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