Jungle City

10 Feb


Software: PhotoShop 5.1

Tutorial: Practical Photoshop Creative Projects

Jungle City was truly an exercise in creating intricate masks. Masking the bus and police telephone box with their straight lines – easy. Masking the leaves of some bushes – not so easy.

This tutorial in many ways was an exercise in experimentation and determination. The experimentation came about due to the many methods of generating layer masks. Layer masks can be created using the channels/levels or calculations commands. The problem is there are almost an infinite number of settings (or it least it seemed that way – especially when it comes to the calculations commands) and the setting for one mask did not work on another mask… That is where the determination kicked in.  In the end I am rather happy with the final result. It does have an abandon city being reclaimed by nature look that I was trying for.

One quick note: The Police Box was my touch. I can almost see the Doctor pop his head out and say “Come along Pond”

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One response to “Jungle City

  1. joeart27

    May 7, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    Quick Tip! Try using linear gradients inside layer masks (black and white) to create beautiful fades. Photoshop is wonderful!


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